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Workout Journal for Android is an application designed to improve your productivity in the gym.  You start by entering the strength and cardio equipment that you use.  Exercises are then created based on this equipment.  And finally, workouts are added using these exercises.  You are now ready to start your workout!  Create as many workouts as you need.  As you progress exercise settings can be updated.  So, if you are ready to add some weight to that leg press routine today, just update the value in your workout.  At the completion of each workout you are presented with a summary.  And notes can be attached to anything (workouts, exercises, equipment, etc.) to help you create a journal of your time spent in the gym.

The user interface is consistent with other Android applications (like Contacts).  This accelerates your learning curve and gets you going quicker!

NO NETWORK CONNECTION REQUIRED.  A lot of exercise facilities have little or no network connectivity.  This is not a problem for Workout Journal.


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Here’s the latest Workout Journal news…

Workout Journal Version 1.4 Released

We really do appreciate hearing from people that are using our apps.  If something is broken we want to fix it right away.  If there is an improvement that you need, we will take a look and see what we can do.  The latter is why we have released version 1.4 of Workout Journal.  Paul B. asked for more exercise detail in the Workout Summary.  So, we took a look and thought that was a good idea, so we put it in.  Hope this update helps you in your workout too.

Thanks – OGB.

Workout Journal Version 1.3 Released

We recently upgraded Workout Journal to version 1.3.  This release  added help to each screen.  To access the help for a screen, select the text in the left half of the screen title bar.  For example, you can select ‘Pick an Activity’ from the main screen you see after logging in.

Thanks – OGB.

Workout Journal Version 1.2 Released

Workout Journal was updated to version 1.2 recently.  This release includes support for French, and the ability to view past workout summaries.  To view a summary, follow these steps:

  1. Sign In
  2. Select Workouts
  3. Long press the desired workout
  4. Select View Past
  5. Choose from the displayed past workout dates

Thanks – OGB.

Workout Journal for Android Released

Workout Journal for the Android platform has been released to the market.  This is a free application.  We have documentation available online here to help you get going.  We also have a place for you to report any issues you encounter.  And please let us know if there are any issues.  We want you to have a great experience with this application.  Thanks  – OGB.

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